Retirement plans for corporations, partnerships and individuals

Our firm’s service mission for our 401k clients is the commitment to the establishment and monitoring of retirement and investment plans with continual education and service to our clients, at both the corporate and individual level.

 As a registered investment advisory firm we make recommendations on an individual and independent basis.

Our commitment to service includes:

  • Making advice truly personalized: we start by providing the participants the attention they deserve. We arrange one-on-one meetings with each employee at the workplace.
  • Making education interesting and fun: we deliver creative presentations that capture employees’ attention, based on their education level, investing experience and the company’s own plan.
  • Presenting an annual/semiannual seminar on current market conditions: the goal with these presentations is help take the focus off of short-term stock market movements and place the focus on the employees’ long term goals.
  • Maintaining the employer’s priority list for the plan: our firm is dedicated to communicating the benefit of the plan to employees, while helping the employer meet their goals. We help develop an investment policy statement based on your company’s goals and concerns for your retirement plan.